1. Do-it-for-Me
your web site will come online with Joomla CMS system (instantly) Starting from $150
2. Do-it-Myself
See our available ready-made templates first.
Starting from $99
3. Redesign Websites
Get a more impressive look and feel.
Starting from $499
4. Site Maintenance
we ensure that web sites are functioning online perfectly. Starting from $120
5. SEO Engineering
Our search engine optimization services can get you listed in the first 2 pages with a vital keyword.
Starting from $50
6. Ecommerce Add-in
A professional product catalog, an online store. Starting from $150
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What is 1-Time SEO Finetuning?

Most web sites today are not made search-engine friendly. We are experienced webmasters, web designers, and web developers, developing web sites since 1995. Our company was founded in 1998 specializing in web development.  






  NOTE: these logo are trademarks the respective search engines. Not ours.

What we do

What we do for SEO-Finetuning are as follows:
  1. Doing analysis and consulting with you
    (to get the best possible targetted keyword for your web site.)
  2. Sending you an SEO analysis report on your web site ($50 value).
  3. Reproducing the web site if necessary (the same look, but different html codes).
  4. Removing frames, if used.
  5. Editing or adding best meta tags.
  6. Editing or adding best title tags.
  7. Embeding the important key factors into the html coding, into the way search engines like.
  8. Editing links if necessary (white-hat SEO techniques only).
  9. Submitting to all major search-engines properly.
  10. Linking from many popular web sites with high Google PageRank.
  11. We will do necessary URL redirects, to be most search-engine friendly.

What we will need

We will need access to your web hosting server. We will surely need FTP login ID and password. We may need control panel access on some web hosts.

How much it costs

We charge you only one-time fee of US$ 200 for this project to redo your web site.

Why doing SEO is difficult

Like I mentioned above, most web sites today are not made search-engine friendly. Why?
  1. The "science of search-engine optimization" (SEO) is not taught in universities to computer science students yet (except a very few), as this technology is still too new to be matured for now. Most web designers still do NOT know how to make a web-site seo-compatible.
  2. Technologies and algorithms that how search-engines rank web sites are kept confidential as trade-secrets by major search-engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.). Only the very most basics are known to public so far, when they are patented and registered.
  3. Only experienced webmasters who manage many web sites have the opportunity to understand and reverse-engineer this SEO processes.
Because of these 3 main reasons, SEO-engineering remains difficult today.

Are you ready to order this service?

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