1. Do-it-for-Me
your web site will come online with Joomla CMS system (instantly) Starting from $150
2. Do-it-Myself
See our available ready-made templates first.
Starting from $99
3. Redesign Websites
Get a more impressive look and feel.
Starting from $499
4. Site Maintenance
we ensure that web sites are functioning online perfectly. Starting from $120
5. SEO Engineering
Our search engine optimization services can get you listed in the first 2 pages with a vital keyword.
Starting from $50
6. Ecommerce Add-in
A professional product catalog, an online store. Starting from $150
7. Presentation CD
Presentation CD-Roms are multimedia brochures, perfect for trade fairs! Starting from $499
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SEO Engineering Services
Search Engine Optimization Services 

As you may already knew, that search-engines and web directories have their own sorting algorithm of ranking web sites in their results. Be understood that all search-engines must keep their ranking algorithm secret, because if they reveal it, every webmaster will do as it says.
When everyone is super, no one will be "super" anymore. Right?






  NOTE: these logo are trademarks the respective search engines. Not ours.
Here is what we do for our SEO services for your web sites:
  1. Research what is the popular keywords that people search
    • what people search to get to your site
    • who are your biggest competitors
    • who are the leaders in your industry/market
    • what most people search to get to your competitors' sites
    • which keywords are used more & which are used less
    • which keywords are highly-competitive, which are not
    • some of most popular keywords are competitive at all
  2. Tuning your web site content to score more in search engine ranking algorithms
    • improve web content
      • web content text itself
      • meta tags
      • image tags
      • html encoding
      • proper title tags
      • proper positioning of the keywords within the html
    • add more industry-related web content
    • too little web content means.... "insufficient information"
  3. Tuning your links on site
    • the (usually) underlined linked text is called "anchor text"
    • improve anchor text
    • improve the intra-site link structure
    • improve the inter-site links styles
  4. Creating our links to your sites
  5. Some improvement for your domains


optimization.jpg Optimization

Titles, Meta Tags, Content, HTML Source Code Optimization and white-hat SEO tricks.

seo.jpg Search Engines

We concentrate only in 6 top search-engines. Google, Yahoo, MSN, Aol, Altavista, Ask.

report.jpg Report

SEO repot in PDF format by email.

consulting.jpg Consultaion

Consultation on Emerging Trends in Search Engines.



SEO Engineering

1. Sign-up fee $50.
2. 2-year contract (because some takes 6months to start taking effect).
3. No rank, no pay at all (apart from sign up fee).
4. Choose 10 keywords (10 phrases)
5. Will report monthly.
6. Will bill monthly, if ranking in top 20 is found with any of the 10 chosen keywords. If not in top 20, you do not need to pay at all.
7. Billing method: $10 per keyword, per search-engine.
8. There will be maximum billing roof-price limit per month: $200
(No matter how good it ranks, we do not charge you over $200).
9. Will bill and report for top-6 search engines only: Google,Yahoo,MSN,AOL,AltaVista,Ask
(Other search-engines, such as webcrawler.com, hotbot.com, google.it, google.de, etc., will effect automatically.)



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